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About Raffaella Guicciardi
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I was born in Spilamberto - Modena on 22 August 1968. Being not a child prodigy , I will not dish up the nice story about the daughter who was born and grew up in my father's lab. Not at all! The workshop was a place where you can hurt yourselves with gouges, chisels and knives and then, what are we talking about…? In the afternoon coming back from the full time school Heidi cartoons was on TV, who wanted to go in the lab to see the birth of a violin….?  Ah, "degenerate daughter", in the laboratory I will finally set foot in 1989 at the end of the language studies and thinking to become "just"  Dad's secretary. Gradually my duties are changed so subtly sweet. One day a drawing, gluing the other one, another one a repair, etc. My working steps start backwards in comparison to many others colleagues :  at first the bows, their restoration and their construction, then the instruments, their restoration, their acoustic,  their  setting up and finally  the real construction. Being a "daughter of.." I've never attended a violin making competition because of obvious reasons and also I've never joined any violin makers association. It's my choice to don't be involved so much in this environment and I'm sure and convinced that  better Master than mine one cannot have under any point of view, those who knows him cannot deny it! I want to emphasize that I'm the one and only pupil. Of course, during the years many persons have attended the lab to ask for advices but being a pupil it's another thing. Proud of my working descendance I deal with both restoration and construction of new instruments. The "apprentice" which I define myself in the first times, has grown stronger of the Walt Disney's motto : "If you can dream it, you can do it" and of the support of her husband and the whole family. Since 2007 I'm the holder of the shop in partnership with my father.

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