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About GianCarlo Guicciardi
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I was born in Modena Spilamberto on September 5, 1940.
As a boy I have always been attracted to art and its many forms.
In the early '60s , I took the decision to dedicate myself to violin making in the meantime had started to tickle the imagination after seeing and listen to the New Year's concert in Vienna.
I worked and then built instruments such as self-taught for about three years , then a series of lucky coincidences meant that met the Master Ansaldo Poggi in Bologna.
The Master after having read some of my work decides to take me as his pupil , and thus begins the real school for me and the true knowledge of stringed instruments .
The meeting with Poggi was really nice what more could happen to me.
Under his guidance, I carry a hard training , but after three years I was able to build, repair, restore , and collaborate with the Master.
This collaboration will last another twelve years, until 1980.
These were years of intense study and heavy, happy years and difficult both for me and for him, but such was the desire to succeed that didn't put any limit to the sacrifice .
In the news section I will publish additional information and clarification on our relationship during these 15 years , my daughter noticed recently that someone is misrepresenting the facts by posting articles on the web that have very little to do with the performance of the real events.
Too many people write and boast off collaborations with the Master Poggi without having had relations that can be defined as such.

In 1980, I have started what today you can call my work at the individual level .
I perfected my personal models toward what I entend to my personal mood and sense of violin making.
I have to my credit a small but qualitative production of more than fifty years of work,
instrumentalists and musicians of various nationalities are proud to play my instruments .
With my daughter always by my side we are dealing with a bit ' of everything bows and instruments , restoration , developed acoustic , construction and production of accessories, expertises and trades.

This summarizes the stages of my career path :
First of all ,in 1969 I did my first challenge at the Biennale internazionale in Cremona (Nowadays The Triennale").
The instruments were put out of competition because they were considered by the jury a work of my Master instead mine...
Hence the decision not to participate in a contest ever if not as a judge , then as I did later in Wiesbaden, Baveno , Cremona, Bagnacavallo , etc. .
and as an exhibitor at exhibitions of Fiesole, Monaco , Munich, Manheim, Bologna and Modena.
At the end of the 70s refused the role of Master of Violin Making School of the Principality of Monaco , to move my entire family from the native country did not feel a thing. I was ANLAI partner for several years, I am a founding member of ALI within which I was also vice - president , president and adviser for many years .
Founding member , vice - president and also the AEL .
I later decided to leave everything and keep my presence only nell'ENTENTE or EILA I believe the most important and qualified association in the world and where I was a member of the board , vice-president and president.
I was also summoned by the foundation as an expert assistant Walter Stauffer purchase of important tools such as a violino Gian Battista Ceruti , 1865, Girolamo Amati viola 1620 and cello by Antonio Stradivari in 1700 called the

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